The Grid Service is an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Processing Service (WPS)  compliant service deployed at JPL that allows:

  • Sub-setting and retrieval of Level 2 observational datasets
  • Generation of Level 3 gridded products for observational datasets

The service is available for data collected by several NASA Earth Science missions (currently: ACOS, AIRS, and TES data; soon, OCO-2). The service can be invoked by clients through GET or POST requests containing all the appropriate parameters as defined by the WPS specification. The client can request the output product to be embedded in the response document, or to be stored on the server and made available for download via a URL. This latter option is definitely recommended for large output products.

The adoption of the OGC/WPS protocol was motivated by several reasons:

  • Interoperability: because it follows an established and popular standard among the geo-spatial community, the JPL Grid Service can be invoked by any WPS-compliant client, and is interoperable with other WPS services (for example, for service composition).
  • Extensibility: the WPS protocol is generic enough to allow invocation of any data processing algorithm, so in the future other services beyond gridding can be made available.
  • Reusability: instead of writing and evolving a custom web engine, the service re-uses an already available and well tested WPS server implementation, such as PyWPS.